pure fustration

since the journal swap has ended over a month ago i still have not received some addresses and its quite annoying.  i have attempted to email /harass the people who have not given me with addresses. so please comment here if you have send a journal already and if you have received a journal already. i have receive most addresses and may need to swap around a few people because some flakes have messed the swap up.

hopefully we can have this mess fixed by the end of the week.


so guys i'm still missing some adderesses. if your name is on the list below please send your address to me as soon as possible so i can send it to your partner.


Hello Everyone

so the time has come and the swap has ended. now its time to send everyones addresses to my email so i can send them out to the proper people. please send your full address to happykidhannah@gmail.com i hope everyone enjoyed their journal experience and has lost of (mis)adventures.


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Hello Members

I hope all is well with you. There has been a lack of updates due to both myself and Maddison going through some personal things. There hasn't been much time for either of us to run this community the way it should be run and for that we apologize.

This will be a short update for everyone that is still with us.

How are your journals going?

For myself personally, I haven not been writing due to being very busy but my journal is still around and I will more than likely be writing a very long update tonight.

How many pages are you currently at? How is your progress coming along?

I understand the lack of updates has probably been a drag but we have been around and we still are devoted to this community.

This is just a simple check in to get a feel for where you are all in your journals. There will be a more in-depth update coming by Thursday March 17th.

How do YOU count pages?

Ok this is driving me a bit batty- do you all consider "a page" the front and back of a sheet of paper or is "a page" one side of the sheet? Whenever people post their page # update, I'm always curious as to which way they are counting.

(I always took "a page" to equal the front and back of a sheet of paper when it comes to letters.)
orange writing

Random line

Hey there!

Just for kicks, let's all post a random line from our journals.

Turn to the TENTH page and count down TWELVE lines and type whatever is on that line. If you aren't to page ten yet, go to your last page.

It doesn't have to make sense, we don't need to "get" what it's about. And it doesn't have to be genius or prolific.

I'm not doing the swap this time around, but I am keeping a journal, so I'll participate as well. :)

Help please

So, I am having a brain fart here and need some advice please from anyone or everyone. I bought a composition book because it has 200 pages and I am a writer. LOL. But my problem is, even though the cover is a pretty speckled black and red, I want to decorate the cover. Anyone have any ides as to what to do? I was thinking of some random magazine cutouts of celebs or pics that were pretty but have no idea is that is worthy enough or might look tacky. I already started to write on the inside of it but the outside I want it to be nice and something my partner will go " hey, wow, she did a great job, I want to open this right away and start reading it." Thank you in advance for any tips.

Only two days.

Well, I'm new here, and this will be my first journal exchange/swap ever. I've always wanted to do this, but most times you must already have a completed journal to do this, and this is the first community I've seen where you get advanced notice and time to do it. I will say that I am an all text journaler, I have made attempts at more creative journaling, and it didn't go bad, but I don't have my colored pencils anymore, I gave them to my little sister. I'm sort of strapped for cash right now, like everyone. (I need a wisdom tooth pulled :() I promise I'll make it as creative and entertaining as possible. And because of the cash, I just bought a simple checkered composition notebook, though I may decorate it.

If I'm able to know who my partner is, I was thinking of doing a letter-journal. Basically a collection of letters to a new friend, that I barley know. But I'm not sure yet. We'll I look forward to starting in two days :) I'll make my introduction entry in the journal sometime before Monday.

We'll, take care, and I look forward to this journal swap with you guys :)