fucking INFAMOUS (sailorrise) wrote in live_writing,
fucking INFAMOUS


Another Friday was here and I let it pass me by and didn't update. My mind hasn't been in the right place this past month or so. Sorry guys. But I am updating now so let's see where this takes us, eh?

Alrighty. As of now Sailorrise has ... 70 pages written both front and back...only 30 pages to go!

I am going to be contacting the two other lovely Mods and see what we can all come up with to solve some of the issues I mentioned in last weeks post. I will hopefully be making another post before the next Entry Status Report with what we need to do or what will be done to make sure everyone has their time to finish their journals as well as begin thinking about the future of our next Journal Trades :) There may be a Poll coming up here shortly.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions please let me or one of the other Mods know. Your in-put matters here :)

PLEASE POST YOUR ENTRY STATUS REPORTS and let us see how you're all doing!

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