fucking INFAMOUS (sailorrise) wrote in live_writing,
fucking INFAMOUS

Hello everyone!

I'm sorry for the lack of Updates. It's been a few weeks.

Well, the deadline to finish writing was SEPTEMBER 23.
I hope everyone has said what they have to say in their entries :)

Now, for the Partners, It's tricky but not really.
We are working on the 'Chain System' this trade as I made a post earlier on about.
Person #1 sends to Person #2
Person # 3 sends to Person #4... and so on

I wouLd like everyone to Comment their E-Mails who are still participating in this Trade.. I know we lost a few people :(

I will be E-Mailing Partners on Monday by 4PM
so please check your E-Mails.

Until then.. let's get those E-Mails in .. the sooner I have everyone together, hopefully, the sooner I will be sending out those E-Mails!

I hope everyone is doing well



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