September Willow Sparrow (autumnxair) wrote in live_writing,
September Willow Sparrow

Good Evening gentle ladies

I'm Maddie your shiney new mod.

I'm helping theresa out as she is quite busy right now and i appearently have no life. lol
this post is just a check up on who sent their journals so far and who have recieved journals so far. please comment with if you have sent yours and if you have recieved one.

we will be starting a new journal project hopefully in the beginning of december so we can journal about our christmas.
the next round will include more promotion to get more people, more suggestions for you guys and more orginzation from us.

we promise to do it better. if you have any questions or suggestions we'd love to hear them.

so please make a comment saying if you have sent it and recieved one.

we understand if you haven't send one yet (stupid recession / lack of money)
life can get in the way sometimes.

p.s- i already bought my journal for the next round. i'm so excited.
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