March 10th, 2011

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Hello Members

I hope all is well with you. There has been a lack of updates due to both myself and Maddison going through some personal things. There hasn't been much time for either of us to run this community the way it should be run and for that we apologize.

This will be a short update for everyone that is still with us.

How are your journals going?

For myself personally, I haven not been writing due to being very busy but my journal is still around and I will more than likely be writing a very long update tonight.

How many pages are you currently at? How is your progress coming along?

I understand the lack of updates has probably been a drag but we have been around and we still are devoted to this community.

This is just a simple check in to get a feel for where you are all in your journals. There will be a more in-depth update coming by Thursday March 17th.