Hello Members and NEW Members

How are we all feeling today?

I am calling this the Official Sign-Up Post for the WINTER/SPRING Journal Exchange. For our Journaling Veterans, you know the drill - Fill out the little Survey located our Community Profile and E-MAIL then to either myself to Maddie. For our New Members who would like to participate in this next trade, please fill out the Survey and E-Mail it to one of us. These surveys will be used to for Informational purposes and will also be used to match you with a partner. OR HappyKidHannah@GMAIL.COM

We have decided to re-instate the ‘Member System’.. As long as we have enough members in this trade who are going to participate. As some of you know, during the last trade we relied on the ‘Chain System’ which I don’t think very many people liked. Myself and Maddie would like to have Partners in this trade.. So you can get to know each other and as Lyssies has said, you are sharing personal things with another person and it would be nice to make a new friend through this experience, right?

We are asking everyone who is going to participate to PLEASE GET YOUR JOURNAL READY. Go out and buy your journal/create your journal.. And for our new members.. I have included the little ‘How To’ right below. For our Veteran Members, you already know what to do :)

-You will be writing in a journal daily (or however you wish to do it)
-The journal must be NO LESS THAN 100 PAGES. You can buy a Compbook (I favor this technique. Tons of space and writing/drawing room) or you can make one yourself.
-The times pan for this project is 4 months. You will have 4 months to complete your journal.. in which case it will then be sent off to your partner. They will do the same.
If you have any other questions, please check out the INFO in the Communities Profile ;)

You know what to do. Get those Surveys filled out and let's get this shindig going..
In the meantime, get your supplies, journals, notebooks..

PLEASE COMMENT AND LET US KNOW IF YOU ARE PARTICIPATING, ALONG WITH SENDING THOSE SURVERYS IN! The sooner we know how many of you are in on this Trade, we will know if we can use the Partner System

THE OFFICIAL START DATE IS: NOVEMBER 22. (writing in your journals, etc)

THE JOURNAL SIGN UP DATE WILL BE CLOSED ON: NOVEMBER 20TH AT MIDNIGHT (We will no longer be accepting applicants for this trade)


Good Evening gentle ladies

I'm Maddie your shiney new mod.

I'm helping theresa out as she is quite busy right now and i appearently have no life. lol
this post is just a check up on who sent their journals so far and who have recieved journals so far. please comment with if you have sent yours and if you have recieved one.

we will be starting a new journal project hopefully in the beginning of december so we can journal about our christmas.
the next round will include more promotion to get more people, more suggestions for you guys and more orginzation from us.

we promise to do it better. if you have any questions or suggestions we'd love to hear them.

so please make a comment saying if you have sent it and recieved one.

we understand if you haven't send one yet (stupid recession / lack of money)
life can get in the way sometimes.

p.s- i already bought my journal for the next round. i'm so excited.


Alrighty guys...

E-MAILS have been sent out! I made one small error in your E-MAILS.. 'You will be trading with'.. should have been 'You will send your journal to'... Ugh.. the joys of having little sleep for the past week does wonders! :)

We are missing ONE person xxLorelaixx PLEASE COMMENT WITH YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS.

Otherwise, Like I have said before, we are working on the 'Chain System'...
Person #1 sends to Person #2-sends to Person #3-sends to Person#4

But now, please E-MAIL the person you have been matched with so you can work on sending those lovely journals away.  There will be another post coming shortly sometime this week for Check-Ins


If there are any Questions, please E-MAIL me at


First off, I am very sorry I have NOT E-Mailed anyone yet due to working this past week and half. The other girl I work with has been hospitalized so I have been filling her shifts AND mine. So please bare with me people.


I RECIEVED 4 PEOPLES E-MAIL WITHIN THE COMMENT. IF YOU HAVE NOT COMMENTED WITH YOUR E-MAIL YOU WILL NOT HAVE SOMEONE TO TRADE WITH. This is for the people who have NOT replied with their E-Mails. I will try my best to send everyone an E-Mail by Sunday night OR Monday and hopefully this time there will be no interruptions/Emergencies.



(no subject)

Hello everyone!

I'm sorry for the lack of Updates. It's been a few weeks.

Well, the deadline to finish writing was SEPTEMBER 23.
I hope everyone has said what they have to say in their entries :)

Now, for the Partners, It's tricky but not really.
We are working on the 'Chain System' this trade as I made a post earlier on about.
Person #1 sends to Person #2
Person # 3 sends to Person #4... and so on

I wouLd like everyone to Comment their E-Mails who are still participating in this Trade.. I know we lost a few people :(

I will be E-Mailing Partners on Monday by 4PM
so please check your E-Mails.

Until then.. let's get those E-Mails in .. the sooner I have everyone together, hopefully, the sooner I will be sending out those E-Mails!

I hope everyone is doing well


14th Entry Status Report

Hey guys

Hope everything is going well with the rest of you.

The PLAN has arrived. I know everyone has been wondering about the DEADLINE. Well, Would it sound fair for everyone to have the DEADLINE be : September 23rd

This would mean we have stopped writing in our Journals and would then send them off by the following week? I understand that most of us are not finished with our Journals and that also they may not be complete when we send them off to each other. That is not a problem. No one ever made it a rule to have them completed before the trade took place. Of course, it would be nice to recieve a Completed Journal but I understand that things come up and can keep a person from writing. This has also happened with me.

So.. if anyone has any qualms with the Deadline, please let us know and we can figure out a new Deadline for the trades to take place.

NOW.. As for the next Trade, the Mods feel that it would be better for the return of Partners :) The reason we did not have partners during this trade was because there wasn't enough people participating and we ended up with an un-even number so someone would have either been left out or would have had to write in two journals which can be a big task. So, after this trade takes place and is all finished, we will have to recruite some new members to keep this place going. Also, don't feel pressured to join every trade that goes on. I understand that everyone has a phase they go through when they just don't feel like writing.. it happened to me during this trade as well as others who I have heard from. So, no pressure guys. We just want you to have fun with this community.

There will be only 2 more ENTRY STATUS REPORTS left, not including this one. The DEADLINE is: September 23rd. That gives us a full 20 days to add whatever you wish to your journals. I will be mailing each of you the address to the person you will be sending your journals away to by: September 15th. If you have any problems with the person you will be trading with (if you have traded with them before, etc) please E-Mail me at :

SO... PLEASE POST YOUR ENTRY STATUS REPORTS and let's see your Progress :) Also, feel free to tell us any suggestions, questions, and thoughts you have!

SailorRise... 78 pages written both front and back.


Hey guys

This is your 13th ENTRY STATUS REPORT!

SailorRise...75 pages written both front and back :)

This is going to be a quick report.. I am heading out the door to go on a small Family Outing for this weekend. I am still in the process of finding out what to do for our journal Dead-line! I will hopefully have a new posting for that on Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

Also, I will begin posting some more Writer's Block Suggestions as well on Monday along with the Dead-line.


Please post your progress no matter how small or big!


Another Friday was here and I let it pass me by and didn't update. My mind hasn't been in the right place this past month or so. Sorry guys. But I am updating now so let's see where this takes us, eh?

Alrighty. As of now Sailorrise has ... 70 pages written both front and back...only 30 pages to go!

I am going to be contacting the two other lovely Mods and see what we can all come up with to solve some of the issues I mentioned in last weeks post. I will hopefully be making another post before the next Entry Status Report with what we need to do or what will be done to make sure everyone has their time to finish their journals as well as begin thinking about the future of our next Journal Trades :) There may be a Poll coming up here shortly.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions please let me or one of the other Mods know. Your in-put matters here :)

PLEASE POST YOUR ENTRY STATUS REPORTS and let us see how you're all doing!